Đặt bàn tại 東京 芝 とうふ屋うかい

【Important notice】
Given the current health-related state of emergency Shiba Tofu-ya Ukai is going to take special precautions to protect our customers from COVID-19 by closing temporarily and shortening the business hours as follows.

<Closed on>
April 4th(Sat), April 5th(Sun), April 11th(Sat), April 12th(Sun),

May 12th(Tue), 19th(Tue), 26th(Tue)

June 2nd(Tue), 9th(Tue), 16th(Tue), 23rd(Tue), 30th(Tue)

<Last orders/Close>
Up until May 10th, 2020 last orders will be at 19:00pm and we will close at 21:00pm.

We are sorry that such precautions may cause inconvenience for you, but we will be grateful for your kind understanding and cooperation.

※Reservations can be made from two months in advance, up to 5:00pm three days before the desired date.
※If your party is 2 please contact us at 03-3436-1028, or international call +81-3-3436-1028.
※Shiba tofu-ya Ukai offers private rooms if your party is 4 or more. If your party is 7 or more please contact us at 03-3436-1028, or international call +81-3-3436-1028.
※Guests are allotted up to 2 hours for lunch on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
【Restaurant's information】
4-4-13 Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
TEL 03-3436-1028 International Call +81-3-3436-1028
dưới 12 tuổi

Yêu cầu

If you are making the reservation on behalf of someone else please tell us the full name of the person actually coming.
If there is any children in the group please state how many children, their ages.

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