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●Reservations can be made up to the day before.
●Children under the age of 5 are limited to private rooms. There is only one room, so please inquire about availability by phone.
● For reservations of 5 people or more, please contact us by phone.
*We are closed on Wednesdays, so we cannot answer the phone. Also, please leave a message on the answering machine during business hours.
●There is no parking lot for bicycles or bicycles. Please use nearby coin parking.
●You can enjoy both lunch and dinner in the “Course bearing the name of the monthly flower”.
(For lunch, we ask that you enter the restaurant by 12:15.)
Also, you can choose the main dish from several types only when making a reservation.
Please see the menu on the homepage and write in the request column.
homepage menu
70 years and over
12 years and under
4 years and under


If you have any food allergies, please let us know. Example) Crustacean NG
We can prepare plates for birthdays and anniversaries. If you wish, please fill in the content of the message.
Please fill in if you have any requests. Also, if you are visiting with children, please include the ages of the children as well. Example) Since there is one person using a wheelchair, we would like a seat that is easy to enter. Such

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