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Thank you for considering making a reservation this time.
▶Reservations are accepted in three sessions: 11:00-12:30, 13:00-14:30, and 15:00-16:30 (three rotations per day). The session will last 90 minutes.
▶Each person may only make one reservation per day.
▶Reservations open every Wednesday at 9:00. Reservations will be accepted for the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday sessions two weeks from now.
There is no parking available. Please note that there are no paid parking lots nearby. You can come by bicycle or motorcycle.
▶This reservation requires card input. Additional payments will be automatically made by contactless payment. Click here for details ▶About card input If you are using an iPhone, please use the Safari browser. You may not be able to input your card if using Chrome.
▶If you are unable to arrive within the reservation time, we may have to cancel your reservation.
▶If you are making a reservation for multiple people, please write the names of your companions in the request field.
▶If you would like to come with three or more people, please make separate reservations. ▶Please refrain from reserving the entire facility. Some customers spend time alone, so please be quiet inside the facility.
▶If you would like to change the date and time, please cancel and make a new reservation.
▶We are very sorry, but we do not accept inquiries by phone.


If you have any food allergies, please let us know.
Infants can enter the store. Please make a reservation if you are in the first grade of elementary school or older.
Please check the short message (mobile phone) sent from the store the day before your visit on how to open the key. Please be sure to register a mobile phone number that can be used.

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