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Credit card information will only be used to hold and guarantee your reservation and payment beforehand.
Please pay the bill on the day.
Your deposit shall be paid back in a few days to weeks depending on the credit card company.
However, debit cards and prepaid cards are direct debit when you make your reservation.
The payment shall be returned as well.

Meat professionals bring a world of seasonal delicacies to Ginza from land and sea combined with Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef.
Ginza Kappou Ukai Nikusho can be found underground just a five-minute walk from Ginza Station.
Although a “meat kappou” establishment, not all items on the menu are necessarily meat dishes.
Interweaving various delicacies and fish cuisine with seasonal flavors, we have prepared dining courses that bring out the full flavor of the meat as an overall impression.

-For parties with four or more persons who prefer to sit at the counter, please inquire by telephone.
-We serve a single course (Grand Course) corresponding to the season.
*We also have a dedicated lunchtime course (Lunch Course: 13,200 yen).
*We do not serve a la carte (single-item) dishes.
-Please indicate whether you have any allergies under “Questions for Customers”.
★★Those who can't eat BEEF,SEAFOOD,and soy sauce cannot take care of it.
-We also have fully private rooms (maximum 6 persons, 11,000 yen for private room charge). Please inquire by telephone.
-Semi-private rooms can be used by parties ranging from 2 to 10 persons.
*Additional orders of meat can be made on the day. (Specific meat sections and other cuisine cannot be added).

(To ensure that customers enjoy dining with us, your understanding regarding the following points is greatly appreciated).
-Smoking is prohibited in all seats.
-We may refuse entry to children of elementary school age or younger.

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Does anyone have food allergies?
Please let us know the number of people with allergies and the details of the content. If not, please enter “none”.
*Input example: 2 persons allergic to crustacean

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