Reservar en Ginza Kappou Ukai Nikusho

※Reservations are accepted until 20:00 of the day before from the previous three months of coming to a store date.(Please contact us by phone in the case of more than 6 people booking.)
※In only the available all [Random] course of 3 courses depending on the season our shop, there is no a la carte.Leave it on the course set at the time of booking I have heard your weak ones and allergies.
※Semi-private room (four-six), there is also available a fully private room (eight-room charge 10800 yen). Please contact us by phone separately.
※Store we have been with all seats non smoking. There is also a case where I am allowed to refuse to visit us for the following children elementary school.
※On the day of the cancellation and is appreciated please contact the day before because there is a case where I am allowed to charge a cancellation fee with regard to the number of people change.
※Please tell the accommodation of the hotel name or contact information be sure.


Do you have any food allergy or food restriction? Please let us know the details and the number of people concerned. ex.) Shellfish allergy : 2 people
Customers with a request of your birthday, anniversary, etc. Please input the contents of your choice below.
After confirming contact you there are times when I am.hould be noted that, upon request of the Hall cake thank you so that you can contact us directly to that it may get time to create the store.
※ Input Example: available please bouquet because it is the day of wedding anniversary.
If you won't be here on the day, please let us know the name of representative in your party and special instructions. ex.) Taro Ginza, President, Guests:3 people.

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