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First seating: 17:00 / 17:30 / 18:00

Second seating: 19:15 / 19:45 / 20:15

*All bookings are two-hour seatings.

▶Please list any allergies / dietary requirements below.
▶Groups of 6 or more will be required to order our tasting menu (9,500 yen / person)
▶If you have 10 or more guests in your group, please contact us directly via phone, email, or Instagram.
▶Our tasting menu is also available for groups of 4 or 5, but at this time we are not able to prepare our tasting menu for groups of 3 or less.
▶Please note - our venue is not suitable for young children, and we are only taking groups with children 12 years or younger at our 5:00 pm seating - please do not book other time slots.
▶Groups who will be coming in with children 12 and under are limited to 6 guests total.
▶We do not have a kids menu, and groups with children 12 years or younger ordering our tasting menu will be asked to order one tasting menu per child.
▶For groups of 3 guests or less, you will be seated at either our kitchen side counter or window side counter.

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Please list any allergies / dietary restrictions.
Please list any special occasion you and your group are celebrating.

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