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▶If you making a proxy reservation, please fill the visitor’s name in the form
▶ If we are not able to contact you 15 minutes after the time of reservation, we will cancel your reservation.
▶ Only children of age 13 years or older are allowed.
▶ Smoking is prohibited at all the seats of the restaurant, including electric cigarettes.
▶*BYO corkage is 20,000JPY.
If you wish to bring your own bottle, please let us know in advance.
*tax and service charge are excluded
▶For reservations of 7 people or more, please contact the restaurant directly

▶Reservations can be made one months in advance.


Please click “Other” to specify any allergies or unfavourite ingredients such as a raw seafood or a fish roe etc…If not applicable, please click “None”. 
If you have any request, please click “Other” to specify it down below.
We only serve “Chef’s selected courses", but please do not hesitate to contact us with requests of ingredients or special menu. We will reply to you as soon as we can.
Please note that we are unable to prepare or switch the menu on the day of your visit, it may takes three days or more to prepare.
Please click “Other” to specify your nationality and the Hotel’s name in Japan. If you are not staying in public facility including Air B&B, please click “No stay (None)” to specify your Nationality and home country mobile phone number with the country code.

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