Reserve em Ishigaki Yoshida

▶Reservation name
If you making a proxy reservation, please fill the visitor’s name in the form.

Only children of age 13 years or older are allowed.
Not even to the private room.

▶Changing times
If you want to change your reservation time, you need to do so by previous day.
We start preparing for you calculating backward from your reservation time.

▶No outside food
You are not allowed to bring any kind of food, including birthday cake.

▶Corkage is 20,000 JPY
If you wish to bring your own bottle(750ml), please let us know in advance.
When your bottle will be larger than this, the corkage will be higher.

▶The use of phones
Please refrain from talking on the phone or using voice messaging.
If you need to use electronic equipments, please do so at the entrance area.

【Reservations can be made 2 months in advance】


▶About allergy
Please be sure to inform us in advance if you have any allergic or unfavourable ingredients, especially beef, raw seafood, sea urchin or roe.
We prepare fresh ingredients daily for our customers.
Please note that we are unable to switch or cancel the ingredients on the day of your visit.
▶Special request
If you have any requests, please specify it in the form.
We only serve “Chef’s selected courses", but please do not hesitate to contact us about requests for ingredients or special menu. We will reply to you as soon as we can.
Please note that we are unable to prepare or switch the menu on the day of your visit, it may take three days or more.
We can prepare cakes & flowers for Birthday or Anniversary.

Detalhes do Convidado

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