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We accept reservations until 20:30 on the day with only this site (Table Check)
※ Please contact us by phone when you can not make a web reservation. We may have some available seats.

※ The Seat is limited to 1 hour 30 minutes in our lunch time on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

※ Specifications of seats can not be accepted

※ Dining is non-smoking in all seats. There is a public smoking space at 59th floor.

※ Children are welcome with accompany in all seats, lunch time and only private room in our dinner time.

※ Tax is included on our Menu. We will charge 10 % of service fee in dinner time.

※ It may be canceled automatically after 30 minutes from the reservation time if there is no phone call

※ Please call us until 5 p.m, the day before your reservation for changing the number of people or cancelling the reservation.
We will charge the cancellation fee with any changes or cancellation o
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