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Operation Time Change and Strategies for Covid-19

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we have shortened our operation time from 12:00 untill 19:00(last Order)and changing some policy as follow by.

. Placing Sanitizer and temperature check at the entrance.
. Regularly doing sterilization.
. Keeping distance from seats to seats.
. Usage of private room is stopped right now.
. High ceiling for enough ventilation.
. All staff will wear mask during operation.
. Health Check everyday for all staff.
. Any physical condition such as fever will ask for visiting doctor and quarantine.

We have started the delivery service and take out with Menu App and Demaecan App .
Please order from those two apps and enjoy our signature smoked snacks , pasta and curry with whisky in your own house.

★ Menu Download ★
Opeartion time 12:00〜20:00

★ Demaecan Download ★  (TOKYO Curry House)
Opeartion time 12:00〜20:00

◆Information about Whiskies' Take out

The licence of selling whiskies in small bottle has approved!!

All whiskies inside our book is included!!!We are doing 30% off for all whiskies' take out.

For whiskies' take out, please notice:
1.At least 30ml has to be ordered.
2.For shots that over ¥4000 you may order in 15ml.
3.Depends on orders, the measures maybe different.
4.Please drink in proper way.
5.You are allowed to bring your own bottle, we also provide bottles which charge for ¥100.
We are also giving small sample bottle as presents right now!!
And now you can enjoy our whiskies, with our signature smoked food together to make staying home more fun.
We are also opening for lunch time as well.
For checking our whiskies collection, please visit
**Whiskies' take out is only available by order in the shop, please check on our information for online shop or delivery later on.

Please feel free to enjoy at lunch time (13:00-17:00), take out whisky shots and take out snacks match whiskies as well.
Thank for for always supporting us, we wish you are healthy and we are always waiting for for your visit.


Our sister restaurant are doing take out and delivery as well!!!
Fish Bank TOKYO
Cheese Tavern Cascina
NoMad Grill Lounge

▶Please notice that you request seats may not be assigned due to reservation situation.
▶Reservation will be automatically cancelled if we cannot contact you after 15 minutes of the reservation time. Please contact directly if you want to postpone.
▶For cancellation on the day or one day in advance, please directly call to the shop
(TOKYO Whisky Library 03-6434-1163).
▶For food allergy, please inform us in advance.
▶Part of menu will be changes due to different seasons.
▶︎According Tokyo's regulation,start from 1st April,TOKYO Whisky Library will be all non-smoking area.
Please kindly understand are we are always waiting for your visit.


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