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〒193-0846 東京都八王子市南浅川町3426
TEL 042-661-0739
営業時間/平日 11:30~19:30 L.O.|土 11:00~19:30 L.O.|日・祝 11:30~19:00 L.O.
12 years and under


Is there anyone who has food allergies? Please inform us of the number of allergy and details of the contents. Please understand that it may be impossible for you to respond to allergies if the reservation is just before. ※ Input example: 1 person Allergy tie only OK for chicken only OK, NG, 1 egg allergic connection or brown steaming etc. Passed by fire OK etc etc. In case there is no designation such as connection or soup stock, remove all allergic ingredients We will prepare. ※ In principle it is an order with course meal, but if you have allergies of kelp soup stock or bonito soup stock, it will be ordered separately as a course can not be replaced.
For celebration seats and customers using Uki Toriyama you can also prepare a bouquet separately. Please also fill in the timing when you order. If there is no timing entry, we will arrange flowers for the first drink. * Example of input: Since it is a birthday of the day, ¥ 6,000 - bouquet of flowers x 1 please. Orange bouquet for women. During the first drink. (Bouquets will be of 3 types, ¥ 6,000-, ¥ 8,000- and ¥ 10,000.) Especially if you do not specify the color, we will arrange for you to leave it.) * As for reservations on the previous day, we can prepare Please understand that it may be knocked.
If you have a child, please describe your age. ※ Input example: 6 months 1 person, 10 years old 1 person
If the reservation is different from the visitor, please enter the name of the visitor. ※ Example of input: Taro Ukai Our officials entertainment, three guests.

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