Reservar en Buttermilk channel Yokohama

◆ We only accept dinner time for reservation.
◆ Online reservation will be accepted up to one month ahead.
◆ Please inform us about food allergies etc.
◆ For reservations with more than 〇 people, please contact us by phone ().
◆ If you are late for more than 〇 minutes from the time of reservation, we may automatically cancel it.
12 años y bajo
5 años y bajo


Please contact us if you have any food allergies, requests or questions.
Please contact us if you are bringing children, entering the store with a stroller, using a child chair, or bringing a pet.
*We do not accept requests for seats (seats on the edge, window side, sofa, wider seats, etc.) in the request column or survey column. (Please understand that there are more requests than the number of seats)

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