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[Café] Business Hours 7:30AM-11:00PM ・Bakery 7:30AM-11:00PM ・Cake Deli 10:00AM-11:00PM ▶Sorry, we do not accept seat reservations. [Friday Sweets Buffet] Every Friday (no holidays) Part 1 1:00PM-2:40PM Part 2 3:15PM-4:55PM ▶Reservations can be made one month in advance. Please select Friday at 13:00 or 15:15. ▶Please understand that we cannot accept seat reservations. ▶Please contact the store directly for reservations of 7 people or more. ▶Customers who cancel on the day or who have repeated cancellations may not be able to accept your next reservation. ▶If we are unable to contact you after the time has passed, we may have to cancel your reservation. Please be sure to contact us if you will be late. [Take-out reservation] Pick-up time 12:00AM-10:00PM ▶Whole cakes and #Sheraton sweets boxes require advance reservations. ▶We accept online payment for reservations from 1 month to 3 days before the pick-up date. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ To all of you, we would like many customers to enjoy our proud sweets. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in avoiding cancellations on the day or repeated cancellations. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ [Cancellation policy] 0% until the day before ・Cancellation on the day 100% ・No visit 100% ☎ Inquiries: 047-355-5555 (hotel representative)
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