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<Due to the opening> We are currently receiving more reservations than expected, so we ask for your cooperation and confirmation below. ●In some cases , only those who have made a reservation may be served. ● Course meals only until the end of January We will provide you with *From February, dinner time will start a la carte. ●Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be guided by a 2-hour system. We would like to offer the best hospitality to our customers, so we appreciate your cooperation. <About business hours> Weekday lunch: 11: 00-16: 00 (Lo 14: 30) Dinner: 17: 00-22: 00 (Lo 20: 30) Weekends and holidays lunch: 11: 00-Lo 15: 00 Dinner: 15: 00 ~22:00 (Lo 20:30) *However, from 1/15 to 2/28, the store will close at 21:30 (Lo 20:00) <About the parking lot> Please use the attached park parking lot. parking certificate Please bring 2 hours free service ticket for customers who use 4000 yen or more I would like to give you Verny Park No. 1 Parking Verny Park No. 2 Parking park-detail-BUK0059021/ <Regarding reservations> * A table charge of 330 yen per person will be charged at dinner time. *We accept reservations for private rooms from 7 to 32 people . * For customers who make a reservation for more than 10 people , Decide the course choice menu (limited) in advance Let's eat. Thank you for your cooperation. *Please note that we do not accept seat reservations at our restaurant. In addition, we do not accept reservations for terrace seats as we may not be able to guide you due to weather conditions. *We will not reply to any questions or requests in the remarks column. *Reservations on the day are accepted by phone. *If you are 15 minutes past your reservation time without contacting us, we may give priority to waiting customers. *If the phone number or email address provided at the time of reservation is incomplete, the reservation may be canceled. Please be sure to enter the correct phone number and email address. Inquiries by phone: 046-854-7721
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If you have any food allergies, please let us know.

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