Da Vinci - ANA InterContinental Tokyo 온라인 예약

[As for the designation of the seat, we may not be able to comply with your request, so please be forewarned. 】
※ For the convenience of the space of the seat, we will reserve up to 6 people.
※ If you are canceled or late, please contact us.
(If there is no contact even after 30 minutes or more of reservation time, we will cancel automatically.)
※ Please be sure to order one drink per person.
※ All seats are smoking seats.
(Including cigars and pipes) (Please understand that the smell of tobacco will be done even in a private room.)
* Minors can not use it even if accompanied by a guardian.
There is a possibility to change some menus ※. For details, please contact the store.
※ Dress code: smart casual (Please refrain from entering in light wear such as tank top, beach sandals.)
* Consumption tax 8% separately and service charge 13% will be added separately.
※ Please inform us of the use (birthday, entertainment etc.) and food allergy etc.



예약자 정보

비밀번호 은(는) 적어도 6자를 넘어야 합니다
비밀번호 너무 약함
비밀번호 은(는) 서로 일치해야 합니다
아직 예약이 완료되지 않았습니다.