Benoit 온라인 예약

[Notification of Reopening from May 1st(fri) ]

As our preventive measures in light of the imminent spread of new coronavirus, our restaurant is reopening from May 1st(Fri)
with the hours scheduled as below
Lunch 11:30-15:30(14:00 L.O)
Dinner 17:30-20:30(19:00L.O)

We request your kind understanding.

Please inform us about your reservation purpose (birthday, business meeting, etc.) and any food allergies.
 Please kindly note that it may not always be possible for us to meet your request for specific seating.
Please inform us of the purpose of the dinner party (birthday, entertainment etc.) and food allergy.
Regarding the designation of the seat, we may not be able to comply with your request, so please understand in advance.
For reservations of more than 8 people, please let us know the menu guidance and suggestions, so please call me first.
Guests must be 12 years or older.


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