Ginza Toyoda 온라인 예약

■Please refrain from coming to the store wearing excessive perfume. We may refuse to allow you to enter the store.
■Please note that we cannot accept any changes to dishes on the day of the event without prior notification of any food allergies or dislikes.
■The last entry time for dinner is 19:30. (If you arrive after 19:30, you may not be allowed to enter the restaurant.) Last order is 20:00 and the restaurant closes at 22:00. Please note that the restaurant will close at 22:00.
■Dress Code
Sportswear, tank tops, shorts, and sandals are not permitted to enter the store.
■For reservations for 9 or more people, please contact the restaurant directly. For inquiries by phone: 03-5568-5822


If you have any food allergies , please indicate them . If you have no particular problem, please indicate "None".

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