Sushi Shin in Niseko, Hokkaido 온라인 예약

▶Online booking system opens on October 10th. Sushi shin restaurant will open on December 5th. Until then, we take booking inquiries by email.
▶Child Policy: Children aged 16 years and older are welcome to dine in Sushi Shin, Niseko
▶We will refuse entry to people who are wearing excessive perfume as this impacts other guests dining experience. Please note that the 100% cancelation fee will be applied.
▶Cancellation Policy: This policy also applies to reductions of the party
1)50% for cancellation within 72 hours up-to 24 hours of reservation
2)100% for no-show and cancellation within 24 hours of reservation
▶Please kindly note that guests are required to vacate the table after 2 hours of reservation time. Guests arriving more than 30 minutes late will be viewed as a no-show and the 100% cancelation fee will be applied as no-show.
▶Corkage Policy: Sushi Shin is fully licensed and does not permit guests to bring their own beverages.


▶Raw fish is a key ingredient in each meal served at Sushi Shin. We are unable to offer a menu free of raw ingredients.
▶In order to offer the best ingredients of the day, please note that the menu is subject to change.

Please inform us of any allergies or special dietary restrictions.
Please inform us of your hotel in NISEKO and reservation name.

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