Tempura Yamanoue Roppongi 온라인 예약

▶ Counter seats are available for children over 14 years old.
▶ Seat selection may not be possible according to your request.
▶ If you cannot make a reservation online, please contact the store directly.

▶Cancellations for restaurant reservations at Tempura Yamanoue must be made at least 2 days prior to the reserved date during business hours. Otherwise, the following cancellation fees will incur .

Cancellation on the day of will incur a 100% fee
24 hours prior will incur a 50% fee

※The cancellation fee per person is equal to the minimum course price offered at the restaurant at the time of the reservation.
※Arrivals of more than 30 minutes past the reserved time will be considered cancelled. Please notify the restaurant if you will be more than 30 minutes late.

Contact phone number:03-5413-3577

※The image may be different.
13세 이하
3세 이하


If you have any allergic or weak ingredients, please write them down.

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