WAKANUI Delivery & Takeaway 온라인 예약

Thank you for visiting us.
■ Temporary we stop delivery service. Thank you.
■ Please note that we do not accept orders for takeout services by phone. Please place your order through our website.
■We only accept payment in advance by credit card.
■When placing your order, please click “1” under Party Size, irrespective
of the number of diners.
■Please consume your order on the day of pickup / delivery.
■The time selected is the pickup / delivery time.
■Please ensure that you enter your contact information (& address for
delivery service) when placing an order.
■Please contact the restaurant (03-5401-5677) if you need to change or
cancel your order.

*Please take note we have some closed days. Please check our webpage.


For delivery order, please enter delivery address. For takeaway, please write "Takeaway/Drive-though".

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