Reserve em kabi


●It is a complete reservation system.
●For the convenience of seats, we basically have seats for up to 4 people.
(Counter seats will be confirmed from the front side in the order of reservation. If you do not specify a seat, you cannot choose a counter, table, or private room on the day.)
●We prepare the food all at once so that you can enjoy it in good condition, so if you are late, we may not be able to serve your food or you may be rushed, so please be careful about your visit time.
●Cooking will be done at the same time from the viewpoint of burning. The food will be served at a time that does not cool down, so we take enough time on average, but depending on the pace at which you eat, the food may overlap.
(I think it would be good if you could watch the meal time for about 3 and a half hours)
●If we are unable to contact you after the reservation time has passed, we may inevitably cancel your reservation.
●Since our restaurant uses seasonal ingredients to create menus, we may not be able to accommodate changes to the menu due to allergies. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Please be sure to let us know in advance as we cannot accept food changes such as allergies on the day.
●If you are visiting with a child who cannot eat the course, please specify a private room. If you choose another seat, we may change it for you.

Jacks, debit cards, and some credit cards that do not have the concept of credit are not recommended.
We do not withdraw prior to your visit.
Depending on the limit and the policy of the card company, the course fee will be held under the name of "kabi", but this is done by the customer's credit card company and not by us.
If it is not a cancellation, etc., payment will be made after you come to the store.
The amount held by the customer's credit card company will be refunded at a later date, but the refund date differs for each company. We can't look it up because it's private information.
Within a month on average.
See Table check for details →

Sunday, Monday

●Cancellations up to 3 days before the reservation date and time (counted by days, not hours) are free of charge.
●For cancellations made 2 days before the reservation date (counted by days, not hours), 50% of the course fee + Tax (for the number of people)
 For cancellations on the day before or on the day (counted by the number of days, not hours), 100% of the course price + Tax (for the number of people)
Basically, we will charge regardless of the reason for cancellation.
Cancellations related to COVID-19 and itinerary changes are also subject to charges.

Inquiries by phone: 050-3196-2258
*If you can't reach us by phone, please contact


●Please be sure to let us know the details of any allergies. If you can't eat seafood or shellfish in general, dairy products in general, or fruits in general, we apologize, but we will refuse. If you can't eat soy sauce, we will refuse it.
Gluten-containing meals are available only if you can eat soy sauce.
Please contact us if you cannot eat only some types.
Example: One person is allergic to shrimp, extract is OK, only citrus fruit is not allowed for one person, etc... Please be sure to indicate how many people can not eat. *If none, please write "none".

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