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▶ Please note that one person's reservation can not be made.
▶ Please contact the store directly for reservations of more than 15 people.
▶ From the reservation form, reservations for the day can not be made on the previous day. Please call me directly.
▶ Please fill out the allergy information and request in the request column below.
▶ If you do not contact us even after the arrival time of the day you may be unable to secure your seat.
▶ Please cancel cancellation of reservation, change of number of people, schedule, please contact us by noon the day before the reservation.
Cancellation charges will occur after that.
The day before pm 12: 00 · · · 30% · the day · · · 50% · unnecessary cancellation · · · 100%
Cancellation by rain / typhoon is similar. As a general rule, no cancellation fee will be charged when an alarm occurs.
▶ Customers using "Eizan Train" and "Kyoto Bus" will pick you up at "Kiboguchi Station". Please use it.
▶One person one order.Ex)2 person=2 meals
10 years and under


Please teach your area of ​​residence
Please tell me the means of transportation to our shop
When you have a seat only for your seat (meal is not required), please tell us here.

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