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▶You cannot make a reservation for one person. For reservations for more than 15 people, please contact the store directly. ▶Reservations cannot be made the day before or on the same day from the reservation form. ▶We have finished providing the service wine for your reservation▶You cannot specify your seat. ▶Please order all dishes from the same menu. Seats will be "table and chair seats" ▶If you do not contact us after the visit time on the day, we may not be able to secure your seat. ▶Even during the Kawadoko period, when it is raining, after rain, when the water level rises, or when we judge that it is dangerous to prepare a seat on the Kawadoko due to strong winds or typhoons, we will prepare it in the store. ▶Please contact us by noon the day before your reservation if you wish to cancel your reservation or change the number of people or schedule. A cancellation fee will be charged after that. ●The day before ㏘12:00~・㏘6:00 50% ●The day before ㏘After 6:00・100% on the day Cancellation due to rain or typhoon is also the same. In principle, no cancellation fee will be charged in the event of an emergency warning. ▶Customers using "Eizan Train and Kyoto Bus" will be picked up at "Kifuneguchi Station". ▶For Yukata plan, please order "Yukata set" from "Options".
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