DRESS CODE / 连衣裙代码
▶Please refrain from visiting the restaurant in casual clothing (shorts, sandals, etc.). Jackets are required for gentlemen.
▶If there is no availability showing please call us directly on +00 81 3 5159 5500 as we may be able to help.
▶Please inform us if you wish to use our parking.
▶Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special requests for special occasions (birthday, business meeting, etc.)
▶The children are welcomed from 12 years old and more.
▶Please contact us directly for reservations of 7 people or more.
▶No smoking is allowed inside the restaurant.

※「Le Jardin de tweed」 will be closed at the end of October. We provide Afternoon tea at the lounge of restaurant.

For inquiries
Tel: 03-5159-5500
E-mail: info@beige.co.jp 

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