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[Notice of suspension period due to renovation work inside the store] Thank you for your continued support of BLT STEAK Roppongi store. Due to interior decoration work, we will be closed during the following schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding. Holidays: June 27th (Saturday)-July 9th (Thursday) Scheduled reopening date: July 10th (Friday) We will provide a new space to everyone. We hope you can look forward to it. Our staff will do our best to make everyone happy. Thank you for visiting BLT STEAK Roppongi store. To protect the health and safety of our customers and employees, and to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we ask our customers to do the following:・There may be restrictions on admission during times of congestion ・Thank you for your cooperation in measuring the temperature at the entrance of the store ・Customers with a temperature above 37.5°C will not be allowed to enter the store. I am doing.・Employees' masks are worn all the time / Frequent cleaning of the store with venom / Employees' temperature measurements before work, etc. ▶Please note that we may not be able to meet your request regarding seat selection. ▶If you cannot contact us after the reservation time is over 30 minutes, we may have to cancel your reservation, so please be sure to contact us if you are late. ▶For reservations of 9 people or more, please contact the store directly.
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