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▶Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your seat reservation request. ▶Reservation cancellation If you are late for more than 15 minutes from your reservation time without contacting us, your reservation will be automatically canceled. *Please be sure to contact the store if you wish to change or cancel your reservation on the day. Direct ☏: 06-6347-1437 Restaurant Reservation Center (10:00-19:00) ☏: 06-7664-1221 Cancellation fees will be [100% on the day, 50% the day before, and 30% the day before]. ▶ Lunch time on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is 2 hours. ▶Reservations for lunch on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays can be made at 11:00 or 13:30. ▶If you have allergies to ingredients or dietary restrictions, please let us know when making your reservation. ▶If you have more than 10 people, please contact us by phone. ▶Please note that online-only plans cannot be used in conjunction with other benefits or discounts. *Recommended PC environment: Google Chrome/Firefox *The displayed price includes tax and service charge (10%). *All photos are for illustrative purposes only. *Multiple benefits and discounts cannot be used together. *Dish contents may change depending on purchasing. *The rice used is "domestic rice".
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・Please let us know if you have food allergies to any of the 7 specified ingredients (wheat, eggs, milk, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, peanuts). *On the day of the event, we will conduct a hearing to ensure safety.・Customers with food allergies other than the seven specified raw materials (wheat, eggs, milk, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, peanuts) may not be able to receive food or drinks as our top priority is your safety. Thank you for your understanding in advance.・Please note that allergens may be mixed into the food during the cooking process as it is prepared in the same kitchen as other menu items.
・We can prepare message plates for anniversaries and birthdays. If you are interested, please enter it in the request column.

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