Worldwide release of TableCheck Insight

A powerful BI tool that simplifies complex information and allows restaurants and hospitality owners to understand their business in all angles

Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh

Mar 13, 2020 - 2 min read

Worldwide release of TableCheck Insight

Visualize and optimize your restaurant management with AI-driven forecasting

TOKYO, Japan — TableCheck is proud to announce our latest business intelligence (BI) tool.

TableCheck Insight is a restaurant data analytics tool for management-level reporting, data visualization, forecasting, and AI decision-making. TableCheck Insight complements and fully integrates with TableCheck's best-in-class restaurant management and CRM product suite, used in leading restaurants in over 25 countries worldwide.

How can TableCheck Insight optimize my business?

TableCheck Insight complements our core product suite by automating business decisions for restaurant managers, marketing directors, and revenue managers. TableCheck Insight is a tool that simplifies the display of complex information without sacrificing power and flexibility.

How can TableCheck Insight improve my business?

TableCheck Insight seamlessly connects raw data from diverse sources like reservations, customers, point-of-sale, and diner surveys. Pre-processing algorithms maintain clean, complete, and consistent data with integrated anomaly detection, validation, and normalization.

This data pipeline, coupled with revenue currency conversions, allows apples-to-apples comparisons of outlets located across the globe or aggregation of outlets for customized benchmarking. Our real-time cloud databases ensure that users can reliably access data across thousands of outlets for quick exploration.

Dashboards and Surveys

Booking channels, repeaters, cancellation rates, etc. Visualize and analyze all the information

Our user interface has been carefully crafted to meet the unique and varied needs of the restaurant industry. Users can view curated preset dashboards that summarize reservations, cancellations, occupancy, forecasts, and marketing channel performance. In addition, charts can be edited and organized into unlimited custom dashboards that can be exported to PDF, Excel, or CSV.

AI forecasting

AI forecasting optimizes human resources, inventory, and time

Forecasting sales and the number of customers will allow you to take appropriate measures in advance to optimize staffing, procurement, marketing, and pricing.

AI forecasting example

What’s coming in future versions of TableCheck Insight

Customer Score

Customer Score aggregates diner behavior across restaurants

Customer scores are assigned to diners based on quantitative and qualitative data that are shared across restaurants, enabling restaurants to target promotions to high-value diners. This will foster an improved environment to match restaurants with appropriate customers.

Marketing Automation

Automated targeted marketing to diners based on scores like RFM and average spend

Marketing Automation Traditional advertisements and marketing emails are not tailored to specific audiences. We are changing the game so that restaurants can filter diners based on next-generation customer scores and automate the messaging and timing of marketing communications.

Dining Connected: Bridging the gap between restaurants and diners around the world

Comments from Jason Perry, Head of Data Science

Automating business decisions for restaurant managers, marketing directors, and revenue managers.

TableCheck Insight complements our core product suite by automating business decisions for restaurant managers, marketing directors, and revenue managers. Our primary goal is to help restaurants improve their own efficiency by identifying and monetizing patterns in reservation and diner experience.

Why is TableCheck Insight the best analytics tool in the F&B industry?

Machine learning algorithms, such as deep learning networks, are executed on powerful cloud-based computing clusters on a daily basis to ensure that forecasts are both timely and actionable. Because our forecasts leverage up-to-date information about on-hand bookings and cancellations from TableCheck, they are the most accurate forecasts in the industry. TableCheck Insight provides forecasts for the number of diners, walk-ins, no-shows, cancellations, and revenue broken down by meal and by day. These forecasts are an invaluable aid to managing food inventory, staffing, menu pricing, and marketing.

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About the Author

Shweta is the Consulting Supervisor for clients outside Japan. She oversees TableCheck projects and support for international clients.

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