Brand new feature: Waitlist in 18 languages



May 27, 2020 - 1 min read

Brand new feature: Waitlist in 18 languages

Multilingual solution for restaurant Waitlist management

Tokyo, Japan (March 25, 2020) – TableCheck is announcing the release of newest feature which reduces the task load of restaurants when managing waitlists. As a developer of a restaurant and customer management software, TableCheck has been providing services in over 25 countries around the world and this newly released feature will be available in 18 different languages.

Benefits of using the Waitlist

  • No need for calls! Simple SMS notifications for customers on the waitlist

  • Collect valuable walk-in data

  • Available in 18 different languages

By utilizing SMS notifications* which can be translated into 18 different languages, this feature helps mediate complicated tasks that lead to effective queue management. For restaurants facing the mentioned challenges below, this feature will help reduce the workload of consecutive phone calls being made to the waitlist and allow restaurants to communicate to diners from different countries from the supported languages.

Examples of challenges faced by restaurants

  • Calling customers on the waiting list manually for seat availability and following up

  • Experiencing language barriers when accommodating foreign guests on waiting lists

  • Frequently mismanaging the waitlist from handwritten lists

The Waitlist function is linked with TableCheci and it will allow restaurants to easily manage and store walk-in customer contact information. This centralized data management solution collects and provides useful information for efficient operations. Without any need to install any terminals while paying prices*, restaurants can minimize cost and manage tables more effectively.

  1. Depending on communication settings, mobile phones contracted overseas may not be able to receive SMS notifications.

  2. Using TableCheck requires a separate initial fee. Contact us for more information.

Fulfilling needs with Waitlist

  1. No more calling customers on the Waitlist

No need for calls. saving time & effort.
Tap on the Waitlist a few times to page and trigger SMS notifications when tables have opened up.

  1. Fully automated reminders

Automatically send messages from the second notification. Send out automated reminders to the present interval & number of messages until the customer arrives. Exceeding the time limit for arrival will result in automatic cancellation notice as well as the table being released back into the inventory.

  1. Available in 18 different languages

Provide assistance to foreign customers in their language.

- Available Languages -

Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Filipino, Lao and Arabic

  1. One-click cancellation

Prevent diners from forgetting to cancel their waitlist.
Diners can cancel reservation through a single click process when they chosen to dine at another restaurant.

One click cancellation

Please direct all inquiries regarding this subject to:

TableCheck Inc.

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