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"They have everything we need for both CRM and online reservation—and it can be customized to fit our operation."

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le sputnik is a French fusion restaurant that never serves the same menu to the same customer. They are one of the few restaurants that received a one-star Michelin rating after opening for less than 2 years.

The Challenge

le sputnik's custom set menu is undeniably their biggest attraction to their customers. However, to maintain this menu system, it requires time, energy and manpower. Takahashi-san, owner and master chef of le sputnik, finds reservations the most challenging part of maintaining this service. To provide a set menu tailored to each customer, they need to understand their likes, dislikes, and allergies beforehand. These details and preferences are taken at reservation making the booking process extremely long and painful for both their guests and employees.


TableCheck has revolutionized le sputnik’s reservation system by digitizing the entire reservation process and improved their CRM. They can now view the number of visits of each guest instantly, and TableCheck allows them to record all guests detail preferences right when customers make a reservation. The feature they enjoy the most is the multilingual function. TableCheck operates in 14 different languages, opening doors for foreign guests at le sputnik.


Reservations at le sputnik have sky-rocketed from 20% to 70% since implementing TableCheck. After successfully deviating from their old reservation system, they are excited to further maximize their profit by using from TableCheck’s Cancellation Protection, a feature that ensures customers pay a cancellation fee if a reservation is canceled at last minute. “For me, eating at a restaurant is the same as going the cinema and booking a plane ticket. The current situation that a restaurant cannot say anything or charge the guests when the last-minute cancellation or no-show happens should be changed."

Mr. Yuujiro Takahashi, le sputnik
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