Market and Meander: A taste of Italy and authentic flavors in Adelaide

A look at this modern Italian restaurant in the heart of Adelaide, Australia and how they reduced no-shows using TableCheck



Jul 4, 2023 - 3 min read

Market and Meander: A taste of Italy and authentic flavors in Adelaide

At the heart of Adelaide in South Australia, one can find Market and Meander, an Italian restaurant that reflects the vibrant culinary scene of eclectic surroundings and its luxurious location, at the boutique Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets. A stone throw’s away from the world-famous Adelaide Central Markets, the largest market in the southern hemisphere, Market and Meander attracts locals and tourists alike with its sumptuous creative Italian dishes and modern offerings. 

We spoke to Restaurant Manager Monica Ruiz about Market and Meander as a culinary landmark in its own right and about the top-notch hospitality it brings to its guests.

I work closely with the team to create a memorable dining experience, drive operational efficiency, and ensure the overall satisfaction of guests,” she says.

Read the rest of the interview below:

1. What makes Market and Meander unique?

Market and Meander is a restaurant and bar that offers a unique dining experience with its focus on Italian cuisine and a modern twist. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with earthy brick interiors, local handmade ceramics, and beautiful American Oak furnishings. The scent of char-grilled dishes and slow-cooked pasta sauces fill the air, creating a tempting aroma.

The menu highlights the flavors of Italy, showcasing rustic Italian dishes house-made and crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. These ingredients are procured from the Adelaide Central Markets, emphasizing the commitment to quality and supporting local suppliers. Also, this commitment to using high-quality ingredients ensures that each dish is full of flavor and captures the essence of Italian cuisine.

The dining service at Market and Meander caters to various occasions throughout the day. Whether it's a casual hangout at the bar, an alfresco high tea, or an atmospheric dinner, the restaurant is open all day to satisfy your cravings.

2. What's your signature dish?

Market and Meander takes pride in offering a range of Italian dishes, each with its own unique twist and flavor profile. Guests can expect a variety of options that capture the essence of Italian cuisine while incorporating modern culinary techniques. The favorites at Market and Meander include dishes such as risotto, pappardelle served with overnight braised beef cheek ragout, bisteca, and porchetta. These dishes showcase the culinary expertise of the restaurant and are likely to be popular among guests.

The choice to serve Italian fare in the evening is likely due to the popularity and versatility of Italian cuisine. Italian dishes are known for their rich flavors, comforting nature, and ability to satisfy a wide range of palates. By focusing on Italian cuisine during the evening, Market and Meander aim to create a dining experience that indulges guests in the culinary traditions of Italy while incorporating contemporary elements.

3. What type of guests do you cater to?

Market and Meander caters to a diverse range of guests, including food, wine, and gin enthusiasts, socializers, and cultural explorers. Our warm atmosphere, delicious food with a modern twist, and a menu that pays tribute to the Italian cuisine and the multicultural influences of the area make our restaurant a unique destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

Food enthusiasts: Guests who have a passion for delicious and honest food will find Market and Meander appealing. Food enthusiasts who appreciate the art of cooking and the flavors of Italy will be drawn to our restaurant.

Socializers: Market and Meander provides a versatile setting to cater to socializers who enjoy casual hangouts at the bar or at atmospheric dinners. Whether guests are seeking a lively gathering with friends or a cozy evening with loved ones, our restaurant offers an inviting space where people can come together, enjoy good food, and create lasting memories.

Cultural Explorers: Guests who have an interest in multicultural influences and culinary traditions will find Market and Meander intriguing. Our restaurant celebrates the flavors of Italy while incorporating local ingredients and influences. Cultural explorers seeking an immersive dining experience that highlights the fusion of traditions will appreciate the unique offerings on our menu.

Wine and gin enthusiasts: [This group] will be delighted by our wine and gin list featuring the best drops from the region. Our carefully curated selection complements the flavors of our Italian-inspired dishes, creating a harmonious dining experience. 

4. Describe the challenges you face in running your restaurant operations – from the kitchen to the front of the house.

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and staying relevant and appealing to customers requires adapting to changing market trends. [This means] keeping up with evolving customer preferences, culinary trends, and competitors' offerings presents ongoing challenges. Additionally, keeping up with changing food costs, and market trends, and maintaining profitability adds complexity to our restaurant operations.

5. Please talk about your special occasions and private dining bookings.

At Market and Meander, we take pride in hosting special occasions and private dining bookings to create memorable experiences for our guests. Our dedicated events team works closely with customers to plan and organize a variety of events, including parties, private dinners, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and other special occasions.

In terms of capacity, we have designated spaces within our restaurant and hotel that can be transformed to suit the size and nature of the event. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, we can accommodate different group sizes. Our events team will work closely with the guests to determine the best space and layout to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

6. How did TableCheck help your restaurant operations?

TableCheck's Cancellation and Prepayment feature and POS interface have positively impacted our restaurant operations. We have seen a reduction in no-shows, improved planning and resource allocation, streamlined order management, and increased efficiency. 

The implementation of Tablecheck and Market and Meander has seen a reduction in no-shows: TableCheck's cancel and prepayment feature allows the restaurant to secure reservations with advanced payment. This has helped to reduce the occurrence of no-shows, which can have a significant impact on revenue and operational efficiency.

Also, by having a clearer understanding of confirmed reservations Market and Meander can better plan their staffing levels, food preparation, and table allocations, leading to more optimized operations and minimizing wastage.

These enhancements have ultimately resulted in improved guest satisfaction, optimized operations, and increased sales at Market and Meander.

Market and Meander

Address: 23-29 Market St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Reservations: TableCheck

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