How Olinda Tea House & Restaurant modernized their restaurant operations using TableCheck

The Australian restaurant moves from pen-and-paper booking to a digital system that enhances the guest experience



Apr 12, 2023 - 1 min read

How Olinda Tea House & Restaurant modernized their restaurant operations using TableCheck

Set in the heart of the Dandenong ranges with its stunning mountain views in Victoria, Australia, Olinda Tea House & Restaurant is the gem of the area.

The perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and just an hour away from the city of Melbourne, the Asian fusion restaurant offers Chinese cuisine and signature high tea six days a week, which makes it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

At Olinda Tea House, guests are treated to an unparalleled experience that combines great food while surrounded by magnificent views of the Dandenong mountain range and the wonders of the four seasons. The restaurant has a modern vibe and is built in a modern environmentally-sustainable architecture that extends what peace and tranquillity nature outside has to offer.

“Our beautiful garden is host to brilliantly colored blooms of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, etc. Seasonal changes ensure our garden is a delight all year round. When not in color, you can still soak in the beauty of rich bark textures, foliage shapes, and beautiful fragrances as you stroll through the grounds,” Marketing Manager Zoelle Gan says.

Guests can also see a variety of animals strolling by in the garden which completes the experience of being outdoors.

“Many guests come all the way here to dine with us knowing that we are pet-friendly and family-friendly and to say hi to our adorable alpacas and pony in the garden,” Gan adds.

Gan is the oldest working member of Olinda Tea House and apart from her normal marketing duties, she has had the opportunity to learn about running different areas of the restaurant's operations front front-of-house, administration and even baking! 

“The best thing about my job is that I had the opportunity to be working in different fields, developing my skills in all areas. I think this is a golden opportunity for me to learn so much by working here,” she adds.

Tea House Olinda

Modernizing the reservation platform using TableCheck

As a popular culinary destination in Victoria, Australia, Olinda Tea House is sought after and tables are in demand. 

Gan says this gives the staff more motivation to provide top-notch hospitality to guests. 

“We aim to provide quality hospitality service ensuring every customer leaves with a good impression. All our members work hard and pour their passion into striving for the best service in town.”

However, there was one missing ingredient at a very important customer touchpoint. Before, diners had to call to book a table at Olinda Tea House and staff had to record their reservations manually. That’s until they switched to TableCheck’s reservation platform in March 2021 which enhanced their overall guest journey.

“Using the TableCheck system has led to our booking system being more organized. We took bookings by call when we first started and had to write all bookings manually in a book. TableCheck helped enhance our daily operations and synchronize guests' personal information well. Everything will be updated almost instantly whenever I make changes to the system,” Gan says.

"What I love most is taking deposits from customers with just a click rather than customers calling us and telling us their card numbers which some people may find it insecure. I think it is a great platform for businesses and consumers where everyone feels safe to use.”

Aside from that, Gan also has very positive feedback to say about TableCheck’s support team. 

“There were not many challenges as every time we had confusion or issues we would contact Tablecheck support instantly. We will then get a response and help from the team within 2-4 days. I love the TableCheck team and we will most likely stick to them for as long as we are operating.”

A wedding destination away from the city

Between its stunning location, delectable food, and exceptional guest experience, Olinda Tea House is a prime destination for hosting weddings – with an average of 100 wedding celebrations per year.

“The peak season for normal dining is the end of the year during the holidays or when the weather is sunny and beautiful. But we do have peak season for weddings too which is also around the Spring season when couples get to do wedding shoots with colorful blooms in our garden.”

“We also specialize in personalized events and are a very versatile venue for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and corporate networking,” Gan adds.

Olinda Tea House & Restaurant

Address: 86 Olinda-Monbulk Rd, Olinda VIC 3788, Australia
Reservations: TableCheck

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