Reserve with Google + TableCheck: A powerful combo to boost direct restaurant bookings

Direct restaurant reservations saw steady growth beyond the pandemic, eclipsing OTA bookings



Mar 18, 2022 - 3 min read

Reserve with Google + TableCheck: A powerful combo to boost direct restaurant bookings

In 2020, TableCheck integrated ‘Reserve with Google’ in the platform to serve the Japanese market, Singapore, and seven other countries, making it easy and seamless for clients to make restaurant bookings without navigating away from Google, while using Google Search and Google Maps. 

Even at the height of the pandemic last year, bookings using “Reserve with Google’ and TableCheck rose steadily, eclipsing the number of online travel agency (OTA) bookings in 2021 up to the first quarter of 2022. It is a trend that is likely here to stay as more and more merchants are looking to manage their own reservations while saving costs.

Singapore, leading outside Japan

Using ‘Reserve with Google’ integrated with the TableCheck platform, Singapore registered more than 52,311 bookings by the shop last year which is more than triple the number of direct bookings the previous year (13,214). In the first quarter of 2022, bookings registered already at around 17,558 (as of March 15, 2022) showing higher than the first quarter of 2021. It is the top country outside Japan with the most direct booking reservations using TableCheck and Reserve with Google.

Google Reserve is one of the best channels that help restaurants increase online reservations and allow diners to book restaurants based on real-time availability and flexibility. Many of the hotels and restaurants in Singapore benefited especially at a time when there were no tourists coming into the country due to the pandemic. The system along with our powerful TableCheck platform help well-known restaurants create awareness around their brand and reduce the commissions paid to third parties."

Daniel Lee, TableCheck Regional Sales Director Southeast Asia.

Here are some of the Singaporean restaurants that boosted their bookings using ‘Reserve with Google’ and ‘TableCheck’:

Blossom restaurant

A Chinese contemporary fine dining restaurant nestled in the lobby of the famed Marina Bay Sands Hotel. In 2021, Blossom Restaurant received the 2021 Asia Continent Winner for Chinese Cuisine by World Luxury Restaurant Awards.

Website: Blossom Restaurant

Sen of Japan, Singapore

Also situated in Marina Bay Sands Hotel is Sen of Japan, a contemporary Japanese restaurant that offers modern Japanese dishes designed by Nakano Hiromi, former head chef of NOBU, Las Vegas.

Website: Sen of Japan
Reservation: TableCheck

Goodwood Park Hotel

A five-star heritage hotel established in the 1930s and frequented at the time by notable guests like the Duke of Windsor. Goodwork Park Hotel has a total of five properties using TableCheck’s all-in-one platform which includes the popular gourmet restaurant Min Jiang @ Dempsey.

Website: Goodwood Park Hotel

Pan Pacific Hotel

One of the most famous hotels in Singapore, Pan Pacific Hotel runs a number of restaurants including bars. These are Atrium and Pacific Marketplace, Club 5, Edge, Ginger, Hai Tien Lo, Keyaki Japanese Restaurant, Lime Restaurant, Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant.

Website: Pan Pacific Hotel

Australia beyond the pandemic

While Australia’s COVID policies last year have affected the hospitality and restaurant sector, online bookings on TableCheck and Reserve Google have also grown significantly whenever restrictions eased up. Starting April 2021 bookings showed an upward surge and except for the month of August picked up again from September and maintained momentum until December to achieve a total of 10,810 direct bookings. At the start of the year, direct bookings are showing huge potential for growth in 2022. 

The immediacy and 2-click booking process that comes with “Google Reserve” and Google Maps integration with TableCheck is an important feature helping restaurants pick up on-the-fly bookings. The popularity of this feature, even when being spontaneous, shows diners like to book ahead.

Winston Hammill, ANZ Country Manager of TableCheck said.

Panda Hot Carlton uses TableCheck combined with 'Reserve with Google' for bookings.

Panda Hot Carlton

The international chain’s branch in Melbourne not only has spectacular interiors reminiscent of Ancient China, but they also serve authentic Chinese hot pot dishes combined with nightly entertainment. Popular than ever, a second restaurant called Panda Hot Pot Carnegie will soon open in Melbourne.

Website: Panda Hot
Reservation: TableCheck

Vietnam and Indonesia

Fogo Brazilian BBQ

Fogo of Indonesia and Vietnam’s famous Pizza 4P’s chain of restaurants drove a lot of direct bookings for their specific countries in 2021. Vietnam totaled 11,730 direct bookings last year–just a few numbers above Indonesia's 11,351. Both countries are making huge headway with 5,988 (Vietnam) and 3,703 (Indonesia) direct bookings as of March 15, 2022.

Fogo is leading bookings in Indonesia from ‘Reserve with Google’ integrated with TableCheck. This signifies that direct bookings work for a chain of restaurants like Fogo and is likely going to be the standard when it comes to restaurant bookings to have a seamless experience and create a simple journey for guests.

Yossy Mustari, TableCheck Country Manager

Reservation: TableCheck

Pizza 4P's

A Vietnam-based pizza restaurant owned by CEO Yosuke Masuko. The restaurant is known for its farm-to-table philosophy and its motto of ‘Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness’. They make their own cheese.

Website: Pizza 4P's


Out of all the countries that TableCheck serves, Japan is still no 1 when it comes to using ‘Reserve with Google.’ Last year alone, it garnered almost 58,282 direct bookings, which is above Singapore’s 52,311. Although OTA and TableCheck bookings are still higher, Japan continues to come in strong with over 16,163 bookings via 'Reserve with Google' and TableCheck (as of March 15, 2022.)

The average lead time for Reserve with Google is far less compared with other OTAs and TableCheck. I think diners are still using it on a casual basis. In Japan people are used to planned bookings so the average number of booking from 'Google reserve' per venue is not as high. However, TableCheck is planning to integrate the menu plan and even credit card integration such as prepaid, etc. on Google Reserve and we expect diners to use it more.

- Keita Ogawa, TableCheck Head of Consulting

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