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Our aim at Gatemo Tabum is to provide our guests with high-quality and delicious dishes that resemble "Taste of Bhutanese Home Cooking".

It will be open irregularly from July 2023.
Gatemo Tabum will be open every Saturday in January. We are waiting for you from 18:00.

Gatemo Tabun, a food culture exchange point!
On the 21th, we are waiting for you again for lunch and dinner with Indian cuisine 🇮🇳 Kitchen Kamimebouki's plate.

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Cancellation policy
▶ Please note that it is possible that we might not be able to meet your request in respect to the seat position (counter or table).
▶If you would like to make a reservation for 7 or more people, please make directly a telephone call to the restaurant at least 1 week in advance.
▶If you are late about more than 15 minutes and you do not inform us about the delay, we might cancel your reservation. Therefore, please let us know if you will be delayed.
▶ If you decide to cancel the reservation, please let us know not later than 1 day in advance.
▶Please note that due to the current situation at the restaurant the stay here might be limited to 2hours.



If you have an allergy, please write down what you are allergic to.

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