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・Not currently open for lunch or dinner courses.
・Temporary closure on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September.
No dinner reservations accepted.
· Online reservation can be booked up to 60 days ahead. For reservations older than 61 days please reserve by telephone.
· Online reservation for the day can be used up to 18 hours before the visit time. Please make a reservation by telephone if it is over 18 hours.
・Online booking-only plans cannot be booked by phone.
・For parties of seven or more, please call to make a reservation.

Port Dining ricorico Tel. +81-6-6463-5047 (reception hours 9: 30-20: 00)

・Vita Dining Solis Gratia is a restaurant on the third floor of the adjacent Sister hotel Hotel Universal Port Vita.

・For cancellation of reservation, we will charge a cancellation fee of 50% the day before and 100% of the day.
・If you require a highchair for your child, please indicate in the comments box.

At Port Dining ricorico(Hotel Universal Port)we consider the safety of guests our top priority and refrain from preparing menus for guests with food allergies and labeling dishes with allergens.

Meals are mainly served buffet style, so various dishes are cooked with the same utensils in the same kitchens and there is the possibility that a very small quantity of an allergen may become mixed into foods served during the process of preparation and cooking.

Given the nature of buffets, guests share use of chopsticks, tongs, etc., and crockery and cutlery are washed in the same place in the same dishwashers, so it may not be possible to completely prevent the presence of allergens.

Please excuse us for asking for your understanding on these matters and for asking you to make the final decision about whether to eat a certain food. If you have an allergy, you may bring in your own allergen-free foods (e.g., allergen-free food in pouches), cutlery, and crockery. If you intend to bring these into a restaurant, etc., please let us know beforehand, when you make your reservation.
12 years and under
6 years and under


Please let us know if you have, such as allergies or weak ingredients.

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