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In consideration of the health and safety of our customers and employees, we will further strengthen safety measures so that customers can visit our stores with peace of mind, and please note that from July, we will start a buffet-style business with a new lifestyle.・For buffet reservations, seniors (aged 65 and over) adults (ages 13-64) elementary school students (ages 7-12) preschoolers (ages 4-6) infants (ages 3 and under) Please enter the total number of people, including children, and select the content that suits your usage and age. *Various special plans, senior and child rates are already discounted, so they cannot be used in combination with other benefits or discounts. *From July, 10% service charge will be added to the price shown for buffets.・Online reservation acceptance Since we operate by limiting the number of people who can make reservations and enter stores based on social distance, please call 03-3980- when you make reservations other than the following reception hours or more than 6 people. Please contact us at 1111. Lunch Weekday: 22:00 the day before Holiday: Until 22:00 the day before Dinner Weekday: 16:00 on the day Holiday: Until 15:00 on the day ■ Lunch time (11:30-15:30) ★ Lunch buffet & à la carte & set menu. Reservation will be accepted.・The table of the lunch buffet will be cleaned up at 14:30. ・The seats will be used until 15:30. ■ Tea time (14:00~) ★Afternoon tea & Reservations will be accepted for a la carte. ■Dinner time (17:30~22:00) ★Dinner buffet, à la carte, set menu & cafe will be reserved from 16:00 onwards.・The dinner buffet table will be cleaned up at 21:00.・Seats must be used by 22:00 *Please contact us by phone for orders such as bouquets and whole cakes 5 days in advance *Requests that require a reply Email: or call us. *Please note that we may not be able to meet your request regarding seat selection *Reservation time and usage time depending on plan content , The buffet price may change depending on the event or period. *Please let us know about food allergies, etc. Allergies on the table. Specific ingredients and similar ingredients, religiously, vegetarian items that need special consideration are pistograms. The cancellation fee will be charged 100% if you do not contact us on the day of the event. *If you do not contact us after 30 minutes from the reservation time, we will cancel.


If you have any food allergies, please enter them in the remarks column.・Number of people ・Specific allergic ingredients (please specify as much as possible) ・Please indicate the degree of allergy. (Example) 1 person out of 3 people is allergic to crustacean. *Regarding buffets, allergen specific raw materials and those corresponding to specific raw materials, and items that should be particularly considered for vegetarians in terms of religion are indicated in the pictogram. *Please note that it will take time to confirm if the request is made on the day.

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