Reservar en The Living Pavilion by Aman - Aman Kyoto

*Protective Measures against new coronavirus COVID-19
Please kindly be informed that all guests are required to have their body temperature taken by a non-contact thermometer before entering hotel premises. Depends on the condition, we may ask the guest to refrain from entering the hotel.

▶Please be aware that seats may not be available upon request.
▶If you are unable to contact us after the reservation time of 60 minutes, please be sure to contact us if you are late as it may be unavoidable.
▶Seats are limited to two hours.
▶Smart casual dress code would be necessary.
▶Lunch time, afternoon tea time reservation is restricted to those above 6 , Dinner time reservation is restricted to those above 12.
▶Please be aware that the area except restaurant is only for staying guests, please do not enter to the garden.
▶There's a possibility that menu items may be changed without notice.
▶Please contact the store directly for reservations for more than 10 person.


If you have allergic ingredients, please fill in.
If you have dislike foods, please fill in.
Please choose a mode of transportation. Customers arriving by private car will be charged a 3,000 yen (Included Tax) valet service basic charge for each car.

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