The Living Pavilion by Aman - Aman Kyoto 온라인 예약

*Aman's Response to the New Coronavirus Outbreak
The health and safety of our guests, the local community, and our employees is at the heart of what we stand for at Aman, and we have implemented measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. We ask for your understanding and cooperation as follows.
- Upon arrival, we will take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. (Depending on symptoms such as fever over 37.5°C or cough, you may be denied admission in accordance with the instructions of the public health center.)
- Please bring and wear a mask when visiting the museum.
- Please disinfect your hands frequently with the alcohol sanitizer provided in the museum.
- In order to maintain social distance between guests, reservations are required for the restaurant.

▶Menu is subject to change without notice due to availability.
▶Seating is by reservation only. Please note that we may not be able to meet your seating preference.
▶If you cancel your reservation or change the number of people, we will charge 100% of the cancellation fee on the day of the reservation, 80% the day before the reservation, and 50% on the day of the reservation.
▶If we are unable to contact you after 60 minutes of your reservation time, we may have no choice but to cancel your reservation.
▶Children: Children of elementary school age and above are allowed to accompany you for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, and junior high school age and above for dinner time.
▶Children may be seated for a maximum of 2 hours.
▶The hotel garden is a zone for hotel guests only and is not open for tours.
▶There are no facilities such as lobbies or stores to wait for guests, so please come at the time of your reservation.
▶Dress Code Smart Casual
Please refrain from wearing shorts, sandals, or other light clothing.
*Light clothing is acceptable during the summer season (May 1 - September 30). However, please refrain from wearing revealing attire or tank tops.
▶No smoking in the restaurant, but there is a smoking area.
▶For reservations of 10 or more people, please contact the restaurant directly.
▶Wine and alcohol brought into the restaurant will be subject to a storage fee of 5,000 yen per bottle.


If you have allergic ingredients, please fill in.
If you have dislike foods, please fill in.
Please choose a mode of transportation. Customers arriving by private car will be charged a 3,000 yen (Included Tax) valet service basic charge for each car.

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