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2022-2023 Winter season: Scheduled to open in December This year, we will open the season as a shabu-shabu and seafood restaurant. The year-end and New Year holidays are very crowded, so we are looking forward to your early reservation. Only course meals are available. ※※※※ Reservation information ※※※※ <Payment> To confirm your reservation, we ask that you pay for your meal in advance by credit card. A full refund will be given if canceled up to 24 hours before the reservation time. ◆Reservations are charged for the same course per group, so please enter the number of people when making a reservation. (Please select a separate menu for children) ◆For children aged 6 to 12, please be sure to select the children's menu. *Children's chairs are limited. ◆The menu is subject to change depending on the stocking situation. ◆We will limit your seating time to 2 hours from the time of your reservation. Since it is a two-part system, we may ask you to leave if there is a reservation for the next customer. ◆Bringing in alcohol, wine, etc. is not permitted. ◆For reservations from the hotel concierge, please make a reservation from the dedicated reservation at the bottom of the page. Cancellation fee (including children) ◇100% within 24 hours. ◇Please note that 50% will be charged within 48 hours. ◇ Please note that 100% will be charged within 48 hours for group customers (9 people or more). ◇ Please note that 100% will be charged for groups (18 people or more) within 72 hours. ◇If you are late for more than 15 minutes, your reservation will be automatically canceled if you do not contact us.
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