【Reservation Guidelines】
This page is the reservation site for our Tokyo location.
We recommend registering a My Page account via TableCheck before making a reservation.

Due to changing circumstances, our operation format might change in the future, so we will accept dine-in reservations once a week. Reservations will open every Tuesday at 17:00.

Reservations for August 8 (Wednesday) - August 12 (Sunday) will open on July 28 (Tuesday) at 17:00.

We will post any updates on our social media.

※From June, our operating hours on Sundays will be 16:30 L.O., 17:00 close. Thank you for your understanding.

※If you book only a seat, your reservation will be limited to 80 minutes.

※Guests with strollers or children (11 and under) might not be able to be accommodated at suitable seats.
Thank you for your understanding.

※Please be on time for your reservation. If you arrive late, your reservation cannot be extended.

※Reservations may be canceled if phone numbers or email addresses are incorrect. Make sure to provide accurate information.

※Avoid making multiple reservations to secure spots. Guests who frequently cancel or change multiple bookings, or who don't show up without notice, may be barred from future reservations.

※To make changes, cancel and rebook after checking your details.

※Cancelation fees: 50% for cancellations three and two days before your reservation, and 100% the day before and the day of.
May 1: Reservation date (100%)
April 30: One day before (100%)
April 29: Two days before (50%)
April 28: Three days before (50%)

Refunds will be processed on the Sunday of the week you cancel. It may take longer for the refund to appear, and in some cases, it may show up after the payment is withdrawn. Please contact your credit card company for details.

【About Seating】
We cannot accept requests for specific seats. No seating changes are allowed on the day.

【About Allergies and Food Preferences】
We might not be able to accommodate certain allergies or food preferences.
Depending on the timing of your reservation (such as on holidays or short-notice reservations), we might not be able to fulfill your requests on the day of your visit. Thank you for your understanding.

【Requests for Morning, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea Reservations】
※We allow a maximum of four guests per party.

※Each reservation is limited to 90 minutes.

※One course per person is required. If the number of courses booked is less than the number of guests, please order from the available menu items on the day. We cannot accept same-day changes to your order.

※Each guest must order at least one drink.

※Additional orders on the day are possible. For Simple Morning with Parfait Bambi, Crepe Salad Morning with Parfait Bambi, Select Lunch with Seasonal Dishes, and Afternoon Tea, additional orders cannot be made on the day as these are by reservation only.


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