CHILAN 온라인 예약


<Business Hours>
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Lunch 12:00 Starts all at once
▶ ︎8 seats only
▶ ︎We accept reservations on other dates, as if with a party more than 4 ppl for Lunch or 6 ppl for Dinner. Contact us via email below.

We are open for reservation for the next 2 months. No walk-in available and credit card detail is required to make a reservation. Contact us via ( if any question.
*We cannot make, change or cancel a reservation via email. Please make it done on TableCheck. We do not have phone number either.

<Use of children>
Limited to those who can enjoy the same menu as adults.

Cannot get enter inside until the reserved time. Please avoid from arriving too early or using the intercom. Also since the course starts at the same time for all the guests, arriving late can cause reduced menu.

No cash accepted.

<Parking lot>
Please use a nearby coin parking lot.


If you and your party have any allergic ingredients, please leave a note. (Even if there is nothing in particular, please enter "None".)
* Since the menu is made with seasonal ingredients, we cannot handle all of them.
Please tell us your required number of MAROU chocolate bars (6 bars in box) / ORIGINAL bottle opener for souvenirs when making a reservation. We may not be able to prepare it on the day without an advance request.

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