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▶Please check here for information on changes to business hours and services/safety measures. ▶Closed on Mondays *Open on public holidays ▶Please note that we cannot accept seat reservations. ▶For reservations for 5 or more people, please contact the store directly. ▶If we cannot contact you within 30 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, we may have to cancel your reservation, so please be sure to contact us if you will be late. *Please check the cancellation policy . ▶If you wish to cancel within 3 days of your reservation date, please contact the store directly. ▶Even if your desired time is full, we may still be able to accommodate you by phone. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo restaurant reservations can be made at 03-3943-5489 (10:00-19:00). ▶The back gate of the hotel, "Kabukimon", is closed all day. Please come from the front of the hotel. ▼Please enjoy the Tokyo Unkai before or after your meal. ▼Please join the Fujita Kanko Group membership program "THE FUJITA MEMBERS" .
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