Tempah di Restaurant La Cime

▶ There is only one course for both lunch and dinner. 28,000 yen (tax included) We assume about 3 hours.
▶ Reservations will be accepted by 10:00 am two days in advance.
▶ Acrylic boards are installed on the table in response to a request from Osaka Prefecture. Also, please cooperate in temperature measurement at the store and alcohol disinfection of your hands.
▶ If you cannot contact us after 20 minutes of reservation time, we may cancel your reservation. Please let me know if you are late.
▶ Business hours are as follows. Lunch 12:00 ~ 15:00 Closed (every Friday and Saturday only) Dinner 18:00 ~ 22:00 Closed (Monday to Saturday)
▶ If you would like a private room, please fill in the request column. (Usage fee is 15% separately) Only one room is available. If you have already made a separate reservation, it will be prepared on the floor.
▶ ︎ If you make a reservation for 5 people or more, it will be prepared in a private room.
▶ Regarding the visit of children, we will limit it to children who can order and eat the following course meals.
▶ There is no strict dress code, but please refrain from wearing light clothing such as men's shorts and sandals.
▶ We will send you an email confirming your reservation within 1-2 business days after you apply for your reservation. gastronomick@la-cime.com We will send it from this email address. Please check the rejection settings of the mail system.
▶ Please contact us by phone here. 06-6222-2010 It may be difficult to make a phone call during business hours. Thank you for your understanding.


Please let us know as accurately as possible about allergies and ingredients that you are not good at. At our shop, we will prepare for one course that you can leave it to us. Due to the nature of the course, we may have to decline your reservation if there are a wide variety of ingredients that cannot be consumed. In addition, we may not be able to respond to requests on the day of the event. Please understand. Please also check with the guests in your room. Example: 1 person Allergic to shrimp, NG extract is not good at onions, can be eaten if heated, etc. * If not, enter "None".
If you would like a message plate such as a birthday or anniversary, please enter the message content.

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