5 essential tips for hiring the best restaurant staff

The presence of a strong team is crucial to the success of any business. Find out what restaurants and hospitality operators can do to recruit first-class talent.



Mar 10, 2022 - 3 min read

5 essential tips for hiring the best restaurant staff

Behind every great restaurant is an efficient and talented staff. But hiring and retaining staff remains a major challenge for every restaurant and hospitality operator. With labor shortage a constant, and underlying issue in the restaurant industry, owners are oftentimes forced to limit their operations when understaffed. This is a significant issue that impacts the long-term health of any restaurant business.

For restaurants that are struggling to hire new restaurant staff, here are some tips on how to grab the hearts of job seekers to build the most hospitable team for their business.

1. Take advantage of social media

In the current era of social media, social networking has become a crucial part of the job market. Therefore, it has become more important than ever for employers to possess a strong online presence, especially when trying to hire a younger workforce who are active social media users. Establishing a solid employer profile on social media will improve the exposure of the overall business, allowing more job seekers to discover employment opportunities. When advertising jobs on social media, like Instagram and Facebook, remember to provide timely and relevant information to potential candidates about the available job openings.

Social media can also be used to promote the culture and company goals that may be attractive to future talent.

Take advantage of social media which is a very influential yet low-cost tool that businesses can use to gain new talent.

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2. Zero in on your needs

The restaurant industry is known for its high turnover rates amongst its staff, equally front and back of the house. While understaffing is an underlying issue in almost every restaurant business, restaurants can optimize their hiring process and lessen their costs by prioritizing what positions need urgent replacement. 

For example, does the restaurant need a dishwasher, a receptionist, a wine sommelier, or a top-class restaurant manager? Of course, it is ideal to find a candidate who can accomplish more than one role or is impressively experienced. Being specific with your job description will help you narrow down candidates.

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3. Make the recruitment process as easy as possible

For businesses that are struggling with the lack of candidates, make the application process easier to lessen the hurdle for future employees. Many recruiting sites offer smooth and fast application services that can be helpful for this initiative: for example, LinkedIn has an “easy apply” function that allows candidates to apply in a matter of seconds. 

In addition, businesses should consider how many (or how few) interviews and requirements are truly necessary for the role that they are hiring for. Recognize that the best talents are not always discovered through prolonged and tedious recruitment processes. A concise and short hiring process can be just as, or perhaps, more effective and optimal.

Making the application process as easy and fast as possible will attract more job seekers to your restaurant since the ease of application will encourage candidates to give the position a go.

4. Welcome industry rookies and attract industry veterans

Joining a completely new industry can be daunting, especially for job seekers who are looking to enter the Food & Beverage industry, which is known for its long hours and demanding work environment. Being clear about the flexibility of hours, benefits, and pay upfront will help attract industry rookies who have the potential to become a driving force in the business after a few years, as well as industry veterans who are looking for better working conditions.

Ease of work is also an important factor that job seekers consider when looking for an employer, which depends not only on friendly company culture but also on the day-to-day organization of the business as well.

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TableCheck provides an all-encompassing, easy-to-learn, optimal reservation management system that betters the experience of not only customers but also restaurant staff. Implementing a restaurant management service like TableCheck will create an easier work environment that will eventually result in the increase and retention of employees. Investing in the internal organization of a business goes a long way. 

TableCheck is an all-in-one booking and guest experience platform

5. Encourage employee development

Lastly, everyone wants to find a workplace where they can grow, both professionally and as an individual. Therefore, hospitality operators should promote any training opportunities and employee development programs in the job posting to attract candidates of all levels. This can include everything from cooking classes, bartending classes, and language classes, to company trips – or perhaps working in your restaurant alone guarantees the acquisition of a new skill. 

Having a culture in which staff can learn and advance will enable candidates to envision a long-term, sustainable career within the business. It's a win-win situation for restaurant owners who are looking to gain and nurture some of the best talents in the industry. 

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