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How to Add a “Reserve” Button to your Instagram & Facebook Pages

Increase conversion rate on social and boost bookings by 40% or more

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TableCheck has integrated their platform with Instagram and Facebook, allowing restaurants to easily add a "Reserve" button to their business page to streamline and boost bookings. Here are simple steps and tips to utilize this powerful tool to market your business.

Why Do I Need Instagram for my Restaurant?

For restaurants, social media is not only a great place to showcase your venue and seasonal menus, but also to engage with loyal customers and attract new guests. On average, users spend around 30 minutes per day on social, and over 80% of users rely on the platform to help decide where to dine out. The convenience, simplicity, and the reach of the platform makes it an essential tool for F&B businesses to succeed.

Simple Steps to Add a “Reserve” Button to Instagram

First, you'll need a TableCheck account for your restaurant. If you're not on TableCheck today, click here to request a demo. TableCheck is the market-leading solution to receive and manage your reservations, and will allow you to accept reservations for Facebook and Instagram with no additional cover fees.

Then, open up the Instagram app on your smartphone, and:

1. Tap ‘Edit Profile’ on your Instagram business page

2. Scroll down and tap ‘Action Buttons’

3. Select ‘Reserve’

4. Select TableCheck as a Partner

5. Log into TableCheck

6. Tap ‘Done’

7. A ‘Reserve’ button should now be visible on your Instagram home screen.

Facebook may be connected from your Facebook Business Page following a similar flow. Detailed instructions can be found in the TableCheck Help Center.

Now that you can accept reservations via Instagram, here are some tips to build your follower base:

Post Consistently and Accurately

On average, Instagram business accounts post new content at least once a day. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes recency: the newer the post, the higher on the newsfeed it will be shown. The best times to post are 9:00am, between 12:00-1:00pm, and 8:00pm, according to a study. These times correspond to meals and breaks when people browse their phones.

Get Creative with your Hashtags

With more than a billion users on Instagram, it is crucial to post and tag the right content for your restaurant to reach the right audience. Instagram now penalizes users who reuse the same hashtags for their posts. There are many free and paid hashtag generators that can help attract the right audience to your business.

Here are 5 popular hashtags for restaurants:

- #food (456M related posts)

- #foodie (195M related posts)

- #foodstagram (95.9M related posts)

- #yummy (180M related posts)

- #pizza (56M related posts – and the most Instagrammed food in the world)

Images are Everything

Instagram is highly visual: users will decide to visit your page based on the quality and relevance your photos. Invest time to study the images that restaurants with large followings are posting. Here are a few proven tricks:

1. Include authentic, relatable images: mouth-watering food, welcoming staff members, beautiful atmosphere, etc.

2. Consider how your presentation, environment, and color scheme match your brand and hashtags. For example, if you are #organic, perhaps you'd use earthenware plates against a wood table.

3. Capture images with different angles and aesthetics. Utilize tools such as VSCO or Snapseed to edit your images.

4. Use appropriate lighting when capturing images of your restaurant space. It may be worth to consult an experienced photographer.

Social media engagement is just one of the 100+ ways TableCheck helps restaurant operators better connect with their guests. Drop us a line we're glad to discuss how to take your business to the next level.

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TableCheck releases the latest data analysis on the restaurant industry every Tuesday at Noon ※Updated on 9th July, 2021

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TableCheck releases the latest data analysis on the restaurant industry every Tuesday at Noon ※Updated on 9th July, 2021

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