International Women’s Day: 6 ways to celebrate women in the restaurant industry

This International Women's Day (March 8), we take a brief look at the status of women in the restaurant industry and discuss ways how to promote more women in leadership positions as well as how to commemorate this day



Mar 6, 2023 - 2 min read

International Women’s Day: 6 ways to celebrate women in the restaurant industry

On this International Women's Day, we raise a glass to the hundreds of thousands of women everywhere who contribute to the restaurant industry at every level. These talented professionals shine in any position associated with the hospitality industry, from managing complicated customer grievances to cooking a sublime Beef Wellington in a fast-paced kitchen burning at 42°C. 

According to a 2022 study by International Labour Organization, women are underrepresented in senior leadership positions despite the fact that they make up the majority of the workforce in the restaurant industry. While there are now more influential head female chefs worldwide, they are still outnumbered by male chefs in top positions. Many qualified women stay at lower employment levels in the hospitality business. have lower pay or leave altogether due to a lack of family-friendly policies in the workplace.

Restaurants can help advance gender equality by ensuring that women are represented in leadership positions and by encouraging other women to work alongside these established female leaders. This will send a message to female employees that the business is committed to inclusivity and in turn encourage them to develop their long-term careers there. It will also help the restaurant build a better brand reputation among external stakeholders, like guests and communities, who expect to see diversity represented in the establishments that cater to them.

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Women in the restaurant industry

How can restaurants celebrate Women’s Day this year?

1. Shout-outs on social media

Restaurants with a social media profile can recognize their talented and hardworking female staff on International Women's Day to raise their spirits and make them feel appreciated. Sharing a post about the experiences or accomplishments of their female employees would be a good way to put them in the limelight on this day and emphasize the important role they play.

2. Mini party for women employees

To honor the female staff and their contributions on the occasion of Women's day, a luncheon or a small party can be planned. If not on March 8, management could host a lunch or open bar celebration on another day to celebrate the women in their restaurant and show their appreciation for their hard work and talent.  

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3. A special drink for a special day

Making this 8th of March all about the ladies in a fun manner can be accomplished by designing a special cocktail just for them. The bar has the option of charging less money or not charging anything at all for the first drink to female customers who come in. By doing this, the eatery gains a friendlier and more inviting appearance, which will make them popular among diners, especially women.

4. Decorating the restaurant

The restaurant could create a celebratory atmosphere by hanging Women's Day banners and other decorations around the restaurant and in the windows. It would be fitting to play songs by some of the most well-known female musicians ever.

5. A ladies’ special night 

The management could set aside the evening for a dance night that is reserved solely for women, during which ladies can come dressed to the nines and dance with their girl gang. This celebration could be given another interesting spin by omitting the women-only portion of the evening and instead providing the ladies one complimentary drink each. 

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6. Announcing special training programs or  D&I goals

International Women's Day can be seen as both a day of celebration and a day of action. March 8 can be the perfect time for restaurants to introduce a new mentoring initiative designed to help qualified women move into positions of greater leadership. Restaurants can also use this day to promote their diversity and inclusion initiatives, such as setting aside a position for a returning mother. 

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