Afwahadi Octora of Botanica Dining and VIN+: Crafting stellar guest experiences in Indonesia

Corporate General Manager of Indonesian restaurants Botanica Dining and VIN+ dishes on what it takes to keep his team inspired and provide an exceptional dining experience for guests



Sep 21, 2023 - 3 min read

Afwahadi Octora of Botanica Dining and VIN+: Crafting stellar guest experiences in Indonesia

The Jaddi+ Plus group is known for its several culinary endeavors translating to best-ranked wine and dining establishments. Jakarta-based VIN+ and Botanica Dining – culinary gems of the Jaddi+ group and considered to be some of the best restaurants in Indonesia – have always been showered with a lot of praise from guests for their inventive food, wine selection, and great ambiance.

Guests frequent Botanica Dining for its soothing atmosphere elevated by the earthen decor, the innumerable plants, the soft glow of bamboo lamps, and the special outdoor seating. VIN+ offers a sophisticated ambiance and a stellar wine list that would impress the most discerning of wine enthusiasts. The staff is helpful and makes the guests feel special and welcome while the chefs delight in keeping diners guessing with a symphony of culinary creations, surprising palates with artful innovation.

At the heart of this orchestrated perfection is Afwahadi Octora, also known as Oki, the ingenious Corporate General Manager of Botanica Dining, VIN+ Arcadia, and VIN+ Kemang.

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, VIN+ is a perfect spot for both wine and culinary enthusiasts

From music to hospitality: Octora's career journey

How Oki got his start in the restaurant business is an impressive tale. In 2011, Oki began working as a freelance DJ at VIN+ Kemang, but he soon realized that his true passion lay elsewhere in the hospitality industry.

“Through interacting with guests while performing, I discovered the fulfilling joy of creating connections and delighting guests, setting the stage for my journey ahead."

In the hospitality industry, guest delight reigns supreme. Unsurprisingly, Botanica Dining shines brilliantly on virtual platforms, a testament to their prowess. The secret? Oki spills the beans: “My motivation stems from the daily diversity of diners. Crafting unique, unforgettable experiences for each guest keeps me driven. It's a never-ending endeavor, and that's what makes this business endlessly fascinating," he says.

Oki masterfully manages two contrasting hospitality ventures – two distinct worlds, each with its allure. VIN+ offers an intimate, monastery-like setting, focusing on sommelier-curated wines. In contrast, Botanica Dining bursts with vibrancy, creating a lively ambiance. According to Oki, a restaurant’s character needs to be built, as perspective matters. His approach for both establishments centers on friendliness, highlighting the staff's unique personalities for memorable experiences. 

“From cozy seating and mood lighting to pristine restrooms and convenient guest parking, it's the little things that matter. Our pride? A variety of drinks, delectable dishes, and more. It's like inviting guests into our home, and when our team embraces this ethos, it's infectious. The result? Guests genuinely feel at ease in our establishment."

"Through interacting with guests while performing, I discovered the fulfilling joy of creating connections and delighting guests, setting the stage for my journey ahead."

Navigating the Indonesian restaurant landscape

Indonesia has around 5,350 traditional recipes. Neighbors like Malaysia and Singapore have borrowed generously from Indonesian cuisine.

For Oki, diversity rules the palate – it is a culinary celebration of rich cultures, ethnicities, and regions at the best restaurants in Indonesia all over the country. 

“The abundance of spices in Indonesia allows chefs to explore their creativity freely, while guests eagerly embrace these culinary delights, leading to a perfect harmony of supply and demand,” Oki adds.  

And competition keeps restaurants on their toes.

“The Indonesian industry captivates with its constant pursuit of innovation, driven by a fear of falling behind and a desire for novelty. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the loyalty of our regular guests who continue to visit us.”

Delivering an outstanding guest experience

Oki understands that upholding a consistently outstanding guest experience hinges on the staff's shoulders. They are the linchpin of excellence.

“Our staff embraces professionalism, leaving personal issues at the door. We uncover their motivations, fostering a holistic, ego-free work environment till their singular focus becomes: "How can I deliver my very best?"

There may be a deeper metric other than revenue that indicates the restaurant's success according to Oki.

“We gauge our success from the positive feedback of our guests, we constantly innovate our revenue streams. Our innovative food and beverages create a truly fulfilling experience for every visitor." 

Botanica Dining
Botanica Dining is located on Ashta on District 8 of Jakarta, Indonesia

Tailoring guest experience using hospitality tech

So what does hospitality really mean to Oki after working in the industry for more than six years?

“Every aspect of the experience, regardless of its nature, should be memorable and pleasant. Whether it's good or bad, it contributes to the dynamic nature of hospitality, where there are no boundaries.”

Running several restaurants like Botanica Dining, VIN+ Arcadia and VIN+ Kemang can be quite a challenge, and technology such as TableCheck has become a valuable ally for Oki in elevating the guest experience.

“The level of detail provided by TableCheck is incredibly helpful, particularly for customer profiling. As a result, our staff can effectively understand and anticipate guests' preferences by observing their behavior, enabling us to deliver the best possible service tailored to each guest's liking."

Premier restaurants like Botanica Dining and VIN+ use TableCheck as their reservation system. TableCheck helps high-volume establishments, restaurants, and Hotel F&B properties in Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia by providing guests with an unforgettable dining experience. 

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