Set your restaurant up for success with Google Business Profile

Integrate your Google Business Profile with TableCheck to expand your digital presence and make customers for life



Mar 2, 2022 - 3 min read

Set your restaurant up for success with Google Business Profile

What is a Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows restaurants to be listed on Google services.

For example, when a diner searches for keywords such as "nearby cafes" or "Tokyo station Italian cuisine", a list of restaurants will be displayed on Google Maps and Google search result pages.

Google Business Profile displays basic information about the restaurant including photos, menu, venue, and other details that users may want to know.

Part of the reason why Google Business Profile is so effective in attracting customers is that business or restaurant details are displayed prominently on top of search results and also on the right-hand side of the page, making it easy for users to find any business or restaurant they are interested in visiting.

Google Maps

Why you need a Google Business Profile for your restaurant business

Here are some of the reasons why it is important for restaurants to get listed on Google:

1. It's free

The major advantage of a Google Business Profile is that it's free. Anyone can use it as long as they have a free Google account. On the other hand, portal sites charge a monthly listing fee and a commission fee for sending customers to the restaurant site, thus incurring extra costs.

2. It appeals to consumers who use Google Maps

There are more than a billion people on the planet who use Google Maps to search for locations. When a Google Business Profile is added to Google Maps, restaurateurs and hospitality owners can expand their business reach. They can tap into potential customers including international travelers who regularly access Google Maps.

3. Customers for life

Google Business Profile can help restaurants build long-term relationships with guests. By posting the correct restaurant information on Google Business Profile and collecting customer reviews that develop the site's SEO, Google can rank the site higher and increase the chances of being noticed by users. This will have a more lasting effect than a temporary, expensive advertisement or website.

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What you can do with a Google Business Profile

The Google Business Profile is free for anyone to use and has all four of the following features:

1. Manage and disseminate the right store information

Registering the correct name, phone number, and address is of primary importance for restaurants to optimize their Google Business profile. However, to stand out from the crowd, they should also include information about their restaurant service, menu, facilities, and other highlights that they deem attractive to their target customers. The more information they add, the higher the possibility of connecting, attracting, and retaining guests to their business.

Note: Customers get disappointed when they go to a restaurant and find that it has relocated or changed its menu but did not communicate that information on its Google Business profile.

2. Add your website on your Google Business Profile

Adding a restaurant business to Google Business Profile has two advantages. A website button is displayed prominently at the top of the Google Business Profile making it easy for customers to click and visit the restaurant website. Secondly, when a restaurant already has a website, photos or reviews on that site can automatically be displayed on the restaurant's Google Business Profile.

3. Interact with customers

With Google Business Profile, it's easy for restaurants to get reviews. The higher the number of positive reviews and the higher the rating of the restaurant, the more effective it is to reach customers.

As a restaurant owner, you can use it as a valuable place to interact with your customers if you remember to reply to the comments they write. Even if you receive negative comments, you will have a chance to make it up to them by taking appropriate action and improving their dining experience next time.

4. Send information in real-time

The post function is a feature that allows restaurants to post short text along with images and videos on their Google Business Profile and acts as a social networking service.

Restaurants can also use the follow function on their Google Business Profile to attract repeat customers. The follow function is a function that allows users to easily receive information from a restaurant by simply tapping the follow button on the store's page.

Restaurant with a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free tool and comes with a variety of useful features that can help hospitality operators to stay top of mind with their customers. However, getting listed is not enough. For restaurants, it is essential to promote their brand in an attractive way to make them reach more customers.

To drive more visits to the restaurant, hospitality owners should also find a way to integrate their Google Business Profile with their reservation system.

Table Check integrates with Google Business Profile, so if a restaurant has Google integration set up, users can smoothly complete the search and reservation process from Google Maps and Google Business Profile.

TableCheck Restaurant Booking and Guest Experience Platform integrates with Google Business Profile
TableCheck Restaurant Booking and Guest Experience Platform integrates with Google Business Profile

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