Embracing core values: The pillars of TableCheck's success

These six fundamental values are the bedrock of our organization



Jul 12, 2023 - 3 min read

Embracing core values: The pillars of TableCheck's success

As the business landscape evolves, companies' core values play an increasingly important role in shaping their identity, connecting them to their vision, and guiding their actions. At TableCheck, we use six fundamental values to grow our brand as we fulfill our mission of empowering worldwide hospitality. From creating global products to adopting new technologies and hiring exceptional candidates, experienced professionals and career starters at TableCheck, these values define who we are but also serve as a compass that directs our daily decisions and actions.

With a diverse team that consists of 22 nationalities, these TableCheck core values which we call "IHIBON" inspire everything we do in our pursuit of excellence and innovation to become a world-leading technology company.

1. Innovation: Pioneering a new dining paradigm

TableCheck Innovation

At TableCheck, we are creating a new paradigm for dining experiences and reimagining the way people dine. We like pushing boundaries as a team and continue to embrace cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the dining industry. With our mission of delivering "Dining Connected" experiences, our TableCheck team – from sales, product and design, to our engineering teams – are all inspired to build products that will elevate the future of hospitality. Each and everyone is fully committed to turning this vision into reality.

2. Hospitality: Crafting exceptional experiences

TableCheck Hospitality

We're passionate about providing heartfelt hospitality to both industry professionals and diners. For us, every interaction is an opportunity to create memories for a lifetime. We use empathy and care to ensure that everyone we engage with – including our employees, diners, and 8000+ clients worldwide in over 35 countries – feels valued, heard, and appreciated.

3. Integrity: Doing the right thing, always

TableCheck Integrity

We act with integrity and take responsibility for our decisions. We uphold the highest ethical standards, consistently doing the right thing, even when we face challenges. Serving thousands of clients across the globe, we build trust through our actions and also via our innovative products, while operating with transparency and accountability.

4. Borderlessness: A world of dining possibilities

TableCheck Borderlessness

Our mission at TableCheck is to connect diverse dining establishments with guests from all walks of life.

We celebrate and respect cultural differences, fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone. We are powered by a diverse team of employees from 22 countries, who come from different backgrounds and experiences. Our inclusive environment provides them the platform to develop their talents and be at their best. With our global mindset, we continuously strive for innovative breakthroughs that reshape the dining landscape.

5. Ownership: Taking initiative for positive results

TableCheck Ownership

Having an ownership mindset is key to our success. We encourage all our team members to take the initiative and use their problem-solving skills while also acting with a sense of responsibility. We don't just proactively identify opportunities for growth and improvement, we also live and breathe our "Dining Connected" purpose to drive positive results. We know that through individual actions, we collectively shape our shared success while having a direct and positive impact on the global hospitality industry, clients' businesses and diners.

6. Now: Acting with urgency and discipline

TableCheck Now

We value time and adopt a sense of urgency and discipline in everything we do. We know that actions taken today pave the way for future accomplishments. We embrace challenges, even when they seem daunting, and tackle them head-on. By focusing on the NOW, we drive continuous growth, achieve our goals, and together, nurture a globally competitive organization.


At TableCheck, these are the guiding principles that dictate everything we do. They help propel us forward in our pursuit of excellence.

Through the core values of Innovation, Hospitality, Integrity, Borderlessness, Ownership, and Now, (IHIBON). our employees work in an environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and positive impact.

These are not just words on a page; they reflect the essence of what TableCheck is all about and how our employees work as a force for innovation and change. As we continue our journey, we will continue creating exceptional experiences for our partners and customers, while shaping a brighter future for the dining industry and hospitality sector overall.

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We are on a mission to reimagine the future of hospitality. Working at TableCheck means becoming part of a diverse team of passionate and driven people with one mission: to help restaurants better connect with their diners.

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