In full bloom: Boost your revenue with these spring restaurant marketing promotions

From offering spring special menus to Easter celebrations, restaurants can ramp up their marketing this season to boost bookings and win more guests



Apr 8, 2022 - 3 min read

In full bloom: Boost your revenue with these spring restaurant marketing promotions

Spring is upon us and celebrations go through the roof in many countries across the world, right from Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan to Australia. During this time, restaurants can make hay while the sun shines through good marketing. 

The spring season carries with it not only a change in weather conditions across the world but also a cultural atmosphere that translates into a sense of positivity, prosperity, and harmony. In many parts of the world, including Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia, and many others, spring is a time to celebrate, look forward to new things and engage in a lot of community activities. 

vegetable sandwich

A big part of spring celebrations and activities across the world is the food and how different cultures come together to bond over food. While the cultural importance of spring cannot be undermined, it brings forth a massive opportunity for restaurants, dining establishments, and hotels to succeed. 

Restaurants, in particular, can do wonders during the spring season by providing good quality food and promoting themselves through innovative marketing ideas. The spring season is a great opportunity for dining establishments to implement excellent promotional strategies for improved sales and restaurant reservations.

Good marketing, a ‘spring’ in sales

Restaurants don’t have to think too deeply or go way out of the box to get their strategies right during the spring season. Sticking to basics and understanding what spring means to the customers can go a long way in helping a restaurant achieve massive success.

Here are 5 simple and highly effective strategies that can be implemented:

Spring menu - asparagus

Curate a special ‘spring menu’

This is a classic but superb strategy that works more for the spring season than any other, given how specific and short it is in terms of duration. Giving customers and those dining at a restaurant a specially curated menu based on spring ingredients, items or dishes is a highly attractive proposition that should be adopted by restaurants, irrespective of their geographical location or their customer base. A specially curated menu for specific occasions, if done well and marketed well, is not likely to go wrong at all.

See how Ode restaurant–recently named no. 13 at Asia's 50 Best restaurants–is spicing up its menu for spring. Ode uses TableCheck's table management system and contactless payment feature to provide memorable dining experiences to their guests.

Tie up with events, festivals

The spring season in many countries is celebrated with a lot of fervor and zeal, resulting in numerous festivals being organized across the world. Be it a country like Australia or a nation like Japan, spring brings about excellent weather and people get together to celebrate during the month of April. Restaurants can capitalize on this by forging exclusive associations with some of these festivals, becoming their catering partner. Not only is it a sound economic strategy, but a tie-up with an event also makes the restaurant highly popular.

Include local traditions in food

To say that food and tradition are intertwined and interlinked wouldn’t be an understatement by any stretch of the imagination. People are extremely sensitive and caring towards their culture and when any business respects local traditions, combines them with their activities and promotes the same, results can only be positive. In the spring season, attracting farmers, harvesters, local workers and other sections of society that don’t form the usual customer base can be excellent for any restaurant.

A basket of veggies

Provide a special spring discount

No customer ever says no to a discount. One of the oldest tricks in the book but an excellent one, providing discounts related to spring can increase sales, bring in new customers and also help a restaurant boost business. Restaurants should expect and operate on the basis of a high customer influx and providing a discount in such situations is the logical thing to do.

Tip: Don't forget to include your promos and special offers on your booking form and social media communications. TableCheck allows integration with Instagram and Facebook so you can add a 'Book Now button' to boost bookings straight from your social media channels.

For repeat guests and loyal clients, provide a special giveaway on-premise. TableCheck allows restaurants to gather rich guest data to help them personalize their guest service.

Easter menu

Easter – A big part of the spring season

Easter brings about festivities in many parts of the world and it draws a large number of celebrations. In addition to the spring season in general, restaurants can take their sales to a peak if they employ the right strategies during Easter. Right from an Easter Brunch to a special kids’ menu, from a dedicated dinner to an exciting discount, there is a lot that can be done by dining establishments to drastically increase sales around the last two weeks of April.

See how Park Hyatt Melbourne drummed up their Easter celebration with this High Tea.

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