Latest Instagram updates to boost your restaurant business in 2022

From Instagram stories, reels, rules, and new algorithms, get to know all these new features to make your brand stand out on social media



Feb 24, 2022 - 2 min read

Latest Instagram updates to boost your restaurant business in 2022

Instagram is still one of the most effective and popular social media platforms for restaurants to engage and attract consumers worldwide today.

They frequently make updates on their app including regulations and algorithms so it is important to keep in mind these updates when managing an account.

For a small business or a franchise with a large team, here are simple rules to remember when posting on Instagram in 2022.

Quality over quantity on hashtags

In recent years, Instagram has been focusing on real and accurate engagement with users. In order to do so, the algorithm looks at four key data: information about the post, information about the person who posted, user activity, and interaction history.

Hashtags are key to reaching and engaging with the right users. In October 2021, Instagram posted a Hashtag Do’s and Don’ts, recommending 3-5 hashtags per post, as opposed to maxing out the 30 hashtag limit per post.

Based on various user testing, it was proven that it isn’t about the number of hashtags used, but the relativity of hashtags that lead to maximum reach. It is also noted in the official Instagram community guidelines that the use of repetitive content [hashtags] will be penalized by the algorithm. 

Key takeaway: quality over quantity. Find the right hashtag for your audience for maximum reach. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri explains about the algorithm update in a video here.

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Image and video size

Image quality, as well as sizing, is crucial to the success of the account. Instagram posts can be square:

  • landscape: 1080  x 1080px at 1:1 aspect ratio (landscape)

  • 1080 x 566px at 1.91 x 1 aspect ratio or;

  • vertical: 1080 x 1350px at 4:5 aspect ratio

Video posts and Instagram stories are also great features to use to engage with users. Video posts can be up to 60 seconds long, while stories display in 15-second increments.

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Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels have been gaining popularity since their first release in 2020. The biggest difference between reels versus stories is that reels can be shown to a larger audience outside of the account's follower groups.

The discoverability of the reel is subject to the updated algorithm as stated above, but is a great tool to help restaurant owners and hospitality operations to present their business in a more fun and creative way.

The most recent reels have updated a video upload length of up to 1 minute and have various editing capabilities such as music, voiceover, effects, doodles, and more.

Learn more about the Instagram Reels update here.

Schedule and organize posts

It is difficult to keep up with daily posts on a busy schedule, but there are different applications that can help with this task.

Later is a great app to help automate posts and manage multiple social media accounts in one place. There is a subscription price per month but can save social media managers or restaurant owners time. Later can connect up to six social media accounts and schedule up to 30 posts in advance.

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Content rules

Instagram is still a great social platform for restaurant owners to run campaigns and promotions, provided that these rules are followed:

  1. Tag content and people accurately

  2. Link users to a mobile-optimized landing page from Instagram

  3. Acknowledge the appropriate brands hosting the giveaway, and that Instagram isn’t associated with the event

  4. State all rules including prize, limitations, and exclusions

  5. Include a start and end date of the event/contest/promotion

  6. Disclose how and when the winners will be announced, and announce when prizes will be awarded

  7. Contact winners via private message

These are only a few of the tips and tricks to utilize Instagram effectively.

TableCheck is an all-in-one booking and guest platform
TableCheck is an all-in-one booking and guest platform

TableCheck accepts reservations directly from Instagram, making bookings as simple as possible. Users can post stories to attract users, or add a ‘Book Now’ button on their profile page for a seamless booking journey.

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